Presents: Movie Of My Wedding  

  For us, your wedding is not just another wedding video. It is with no   exception, A "Movie Production." Therefore, we like to call it "MOVIE OF MY   WEDDING." Let us capture your event(wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate etc.)   in a personal   way. Each movie that we edit is absolutely according to your   needs. Your movie includes A before the party shooting plan and the editing   style is according to your vision.

  Your wedding is A LOVE STORY.

  As far as quality, we are always using the most updated technology. Now   you can have your wedding in a wide screen format that fits the new HD high   quality technology.

  We offer surround sound recording to bring the feel of, as if you where   celebrating your wedding again & again.

  We know how important it is for you to share your wedding with your   friends & family. Therefore, we include with every wedding package, 50   copies of your Wedding Movie on DVD

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